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October 18, 2021
Breast lift surgery in Delhi

Breast lift surgery is the procedure performed to raise sagging breasts on a woman's chest. This is also called Mastopexy. It is done by making changes to the size, contour, and angle of the breasts. A breast lift can give a woman a youthful look.

A woman may go for the option of a breast lift surgery if they don't like the appearance of their breasts. The breasts may look flat due to shagging.

This can occur due to:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breast feeding
  • Weight change
  • Age
  • Gravity
  • Genetics

The procedure of a breast lift surgery takes around 3 hours, and the patient is usually not required to stay overnight.

What happens during a breast lift surgery?

  • You will get your surgery in a hospital setting. It can also be an outpatient surgery centre or the doctor's personal clinic
  • You will meet with the surgeon and the staff before the procedure
  • The doctor will make marking for where your nipples will go
  • Next, you will get a sedative so that the operation is painless
  • The surgeon will remove the extra skin present and move your breast tissues to the proper location
  • Your breasts will then be closed up and bandaged

Breast lift surgery in Delhi

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