5 Tips Before Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi

June 18, 2022
5 Tips Before Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi

An overview of hair transplant surgery:

In today's time, hair loss is a widespread problem, not only among old-aged people but in youths too. There are various reasons behind it including genes, environmental factors, hormonal imbalances, etc. Fewer hairs may result in a feeling of insecurity in a person suffering from it. They might also lose their personality; have self-doubts and lacks confidence. The problem of hair loss could be more serious than it appears to have long-term mental and social effects on a person before choosing the best hair transplant surgeon.

Hair transplant surgery comes here right. It is a process of shifting hairs from thicker parts of the scalp, called as 'donor site' to the target site where there is scarce hair growth. It's a medical process performed by well-qualified and trained hair transplant surgeon. Males and females of all races suffering from partial baldness or hair thinning can benefit from this hair transplant surgery. A well-trained and qualified hair transplant surgeon can perform transplants with a success rate of around 90-95%. It is normal for the transplanted follicles to fall off, and the new and permanent follicles start growing soon after. As it is a surgery performed under specialized professionals, there are a few things one must keep in mind before heading out. Here are a few of them:

5 Tips before going through a hair transplant surgery:

  • Doctor's qualification and experience:

    Before just heading out for a hair transplant in Delhi, the most important step is to find you a well-educated, specialized, and reputed surgeon. The qualification and experiences of your hair transplant surgeon in Delhi matter because you don't want your head to be handled by a rookie which might cause complications. With new transplant centres emerging day by day, in every locality of the national capital, you need to be very careful about selecting the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi and beware of rookies, scammers, and people with fake or minimal qualifications. Make sure the clinic uses the most recent technology and methods of carrying out the surgery. They must also possess artistic and aesthetic expertise as nearly 65% of the hair restoration process demands the professional to be highly artistic; the steps of creating the suitable hairline and implants, all require supreme artistic skills and qualities.

  • Success rates and past testimonies:

    While looking for your hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, look for surgeons with high success rates. The success rate is always a mark of excellence and superiority of a professional, be it a doctor or anyone else. The success rate is defined as the total percentage of successful surgeries performed. Something more important is the total number of surgeries performed and their results. Higher frequency means a higher number of customer engagements, which means a greater level of excellence. The best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi will have a success rate of nearly 90-92% and their customer engagement and reputations must also be high. Go through their brochure and look for their success rate. A qualified and experienced professional is always transparent with their services and results. Also, look through the testimonies of previous customers or the before-after pictures of patients who already went through surgery under the same team of surgeons.

  • Reviews from past customers:

    A centre offering the best hair transplant in Delhi must have positive reviews. Reviews are statements declaring the quality, authenticity, and services of your best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. It often plays a significant role in deciding to opt for the surgeon. You may find reviews on the websites of your surgeon, or sometimes in newspapers. Feedback from previous customers who were either satisfied or had to point out some lacking experiences with the surgeon also adds to the knowledge. Online reviews help nurture trust and transparency in work experiences. Patients will also look at other people's comments to decide whether the selected ones are the best hair transplant doctors in Delhi or not. If possible, talk to any previous patients who went through surgery by the same surgeon and ask him about the conduct of the doctor, the sanitation standards, and their own experience.

  • Behaviour and conduct of the surgeon:

    A doctor is first a human and must have the qualities of a good human-like good conduct and behaviour. Several characteristics are valuable in a hair transplant surgeon. The most valuable ones are integrity, compassion, commitment to excellence, creativity, and dedication towards their patient and profession. Supporting and understanding the surgeon helps gain trust, and makes the patient comfortable before undergoing the surgery. The best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi should have a team of well-behaved and dedicated staff. A well-trained professional with a good understanding of the subject and good conversation skills to deal with their patients, passion for their profession and a face with a smile is all that takes to be a good surgeon/doctor.

  • Cost-effectiveness:

    In today's time, everything we look for should be under our planned budget. Centres offering hair transplants in Delhi should be cost-effective and budget-friendly. The factors affecting hair transplant cost in Delhi are the extent of hair loss, treatment area, type of hair transplant chosen such as FUT or FUE, and a few others. The surgery cost is pocket-friendly depending on the condition of the patients and the place of treatment. The cost also varies depending on the type of hospital, the surgeon's experience as well as the patient's needs and expectations. Also, a hair transplant surgery isn't counted under a majority of insurance plans as it is considered cosmetic. The doctor may suggest some medicines or hair-growth drugs post-surgery which may be expensive and can add to the total hair transplant cost in Delhi.