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Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

If you are looking for Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi, India Dr Vivek Kumar is an expert in the field of breast surgery. This surgical procedure involves reduction in the size of breasts by excising fat, skin, and glandular tissue to obtain a smaller, lighter and firmer breast with repositioned nipple and areola.

Candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery

Women with very large, pendulous breasts may experience back and neck pain, skin irritation or dermatitis, skeletal deformities and breathing problems. Bra straps may leave indentations in their shoulders. Unusually large breasts can make a woman-or a teenage girl-feel extremely self-conscious.

Breast Reduction Surgical Risk

Breast reduction is not a simple operation, but it’s normally safe when performed by a qualified Plastic Surgeon. As with any surgery, there is always a possibility of complications, including seroma, hematoma, infection, or anesthesia complications

Type of Anesthesia

Breast reduction is nearly always performed under general anesthesia.

After Your Breast Reduction Surgery

A small tube may be placed in each breast to drain off blood and fluids for the first day or two. Although you may be up and about in a day or two, your breasts may still ache occasionally for a couple of weeks. You should avoid lifting or pushing anything heavy for three or four weeks. Your stitches will be removed in one to two weeks.If you are looking for a breast reduction surgeon in Delhi to get a Breast reduction surgery in Delhi – India, you may contact us to enquire about Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Delhi, or visit us for a consultation on procedures by our expert cosmetic surgeon. A successful breast surgery can change your life.

If you want your breasts to look fuller, consider breast lift and Breast Augmentation Surgery.

Are you tired of the physical and emotional discomfort of having large breasts? Our team of experienced plastic surgeons here at Sculpt India Clinic in Delhi can help! We specialize in breast reduction surgery that can relieve pain, improve posture, and boost your confidence.

During your consultation, we'll listen to your concerns and work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs. Our team, led by Dr. Vivek Kumar, uses the latest techniques and technology to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results with minimal scarring and downtime. Furthermore, cost should never be a reason for one to be uncomfortable in their own skin, and with us it never will be. We offer the most competitive prices for breast reduction surgery in Delhi, so you don’t have to feel lost and discouraged.

Don't let your breast size hold you back any longer. Contact Dr Vivek Kumar today to schedule your consultation and learn more about how we can help you achieve the relief and confidence you deserve with breast reduction surgery in Delhi.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can breast reduction surgery increase my chances of getting breast cancer?

A. No, in fact, some studies have shown a reduced risk after the reduction surgery.

Q. What are the benefits of breast reduction?

A. Apart from aesthetics, reduction in back pain, restoration of skeletal balance and relief from discomfort while wearing a bra are the common benefits.

Q. Is there an age limit for performing this surgery?

A. Usually, surgery is recommended once growth is complete, so in adulthood. However, to discuss a specific case and indications for surgery, please contact the doctor.