Chin Reshaping

Do you wish you could look your best from every angle? The shape and contour of the chin affect the overall structure and shape of the entire face. In some people, the chin and facial proportions are not symmetrical. Sometimes, the alignment of the chin even hampers the way someone talks or eats. Chin reshaping can solve all these problems and enhance facial beauty.

Chin reshaping or chin augmentation surgery is a procedure that requires equal parts skill and artistry, as it can enhance function as well as aesthetics. According to the leading chin reshaping surgeon in India, Dr. Vivek Kumar, patients having weak chins may have poor development of the entire jaw. There are different types of procedures and implants available, and the choice is made after a careful consultation and thorough assessment.


The procedure is selected according to the requirement and extent of the client’s problems.

  • Cosmetic augmentation: The implants used for this procedure are USDA approved and made with medical grade silicone. They are available in various sizes and can be inserted intra-orally (through the mouth), thus entailing minimal scar visibility. Reduction and rotation of the chin can also be performed.
  • Chin reshaping: In patients with bite or teeth-alignment abnormalities, the jawbone is divided and the entire chin, jaw and dental alignment is rectified. The bones and tissues are slid into place and implants are inserted. This dynamic surgery achieves functional and cosmetic perfection.


Duration of Procedure: 1-3 hours
Anaesthesia: General/ Local
Recovery time: 7 days
Post-op care: Facial dressing is removed after 7 days. Antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent infections.
Precautions: No sunbathing for a few months. Care needs to be taken to keep the incision lines clean and moisturized.
Ideal candidate: Clients with weak chins, bite difficulties, malocclusion of teeth (TMJ syndrome) will all be benefited by the surgery.
Complications: Infection or displacement of implant.
Result: Permanent, scar-less reshaping for a well-carved look.

Dr. Vivek Kumar is the most sought-after chin reshaping surgeon in Delhi because of his experience, expertise and results.

Chin Reshaping in Delhi