Cheek Augmentation

The face looks beautiful when it is well structured and proportionate. Distortion of any of the elements can take away the symmetry and the face loses its appeal. Since the cheeks make up the bulk of the face, their shape, size and structure have a major role to play in the ultimate look of a person.

Being a three dimensional enlargement, the cheek poses a challenge in defining a normal size or shape. From the front, it is considered ideal for the cheek to bulge one finger-breadth to the side. In profile, the cheek should form a distinctive peak forwards under the eye. In a flawless face, the chin and both cheeks should form a triangle. Dr. Vivek Kumar, the expert cheek augmentation surgeon in Delhi, explains that the cheek augmentation procedure is a minimally invasive, scar-less way to accentuate the cheeks and give better definition to the facial features.


Depending on the original structures and requirement of the patient, there are two types of procedures performed on the cheeks.

  • Cheek implants: With advancements in technology, a large variety of implants are available, providing more options for the surgeon to choose from. The incision is made inside the mouth, or under the lower eyelid. The implant can also be inserted during a facelift procedure.
  • Fat elimination: For clients having chubby cheeks, a simple procedure for fat elimination can help them to get a chiseled look. A small incision is made inside the mouth and a gob of fat is removed easily from the cheek.


Duration of Procedure: 1-3 hours
Anaesthesia: General/ Local
Recovery time: 1 week
Post-op care: Incision site should be kept clean. Patients can return to work after seven days.
Precautions: No sunbathing for a few months. Watch out for any areas of pain, swelling or drainage of fluid.
Ideal candidate: Those with sagging, hollow and poorly defined cheeks or asymmetry in the jawbone can enhance their look with augmentation. Fat removal is ideal for those having chubby cheeks.
Complications: Irregularity, numbness, swelling, infection, etc.
Result: Well proportioned, chiseled cheeks and better contouring of the face.

Cheek augmentation is a technically simple procedure, but it requires experience and skill to get the best results. Dr. Vivek Kumar is a renowned cheek augmentation surgeon in India who performs each surgery after a careful and thorough consultation with the client. He ensures satisfaction with his expertise, use of latest technology and a precise understanding of the needs of the client.

Cheek Augmentation in Delhi