Male Breast Reduction in Delhi

Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi is one of the most popular procedures for men who are facing the problem of excess development of breast tissues. Male Breast Reduction Surgery also known as Gynecomastia Surgery, or excess development of breast tissue, occurs in as many as 40-60% of men. This condition can cause extreme embarrassment, social inhibition and self-consciousness for boys and men who suffer from it. A male breast reduction surgery is a surgical procedure for rectifying gynecomastia. Many men undergo this surgery by consulting a Plastic Surgeon in Delhi as it helps in correcting enlarged or over developed breasts in men.

Gynecomastia or Male Breast is the presence of glands in male chest area (in women such glands produce milk for breast feeding of baby after pregnancy). In the chest area some resistant fat may also get deposited giving the appearance of a female like breast. Male Breast does not develop due to obesity (becoming fat). That is why it cannot be treated by diet control or exercise.

Male breast reduction in delhi

Male Breast Reduction in Delhi

Male Breast Reduction surgery is performed under general anesthetic and although it is generally performed as a day-case, you may need to stay in hospital one or two nights. The procedure has been perfected by Dr. Vivek Kumar, the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi. The surgeon will cut around the dark skin surrounding the nipple (the areola) or under your arm, and the excess fat, skin and breast tissue will be removed. Surgery for male breasts/ Gynecomastia/puffy nipples is one of the most commonly performed Cosmetic plastic surgery in India. Male breasts create a major problem for the affected men in India, because in India for many religious functions men are required to be bare chested. Male breasts or Gynecomastia create problems for men on other occasions like swimming, seaside/beach vacations, and sports. Most people adapt by trying to avoid such situations and so feel socially “restricted”. Gynecomastia surgery helps to restore a normal male breast curve and to correct malformations of the breast, nipple or areola. This surgery generally takes an average of two hours and is performed using general or local anesthesia. If there is excessive glandular tissue, fat and skin present, the surgery is supposed to get all such deformities removed.

Dr. Vivek Kumar is one of the best Male Breast Reduction Surgeon in Delhi, India. If you are looking to get a Male Breast Reduction Surgery, you may call us for any enquiry regarding Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in Delhi, or a consultation on procedures for Male Breast Reduction Surgery or Gynecomastia Surgery by the Best Gynecomastia Surgeon in Delhi.

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