Do you look in the mirror and wish you could remove fat from one area and fill out another part? Well, this is no longer just wishful thinking! Dr. Vivek Kumar is a leading fat injection surgeon in Delhi, and he specializes in contouring the body to achieve aesthetic perfection.

Fat injection, also called fat grafting has a broad application in cosmetic surgery, as it can be used for augmentation wherever required, giving the surgeon the power to shape and contour the body as desired.


The procedure begins with harvesting of fat from the donor site, using sterile, suction cannulas. This fat is purified in a centrifuge. Next, special needles are used for injecting this fat into the part to be enhanced. The needles are repeatedly inserted into the area, creating a grid. The injections are followed by massage to the area for contouring. Dressing is applied to the treated area.

While the procedure seems theoretically simple, Dr. Vivek Kumar is the most sought-after fat injection surgeon in India, not only for his flawless technique, but also his artistry in visualizing and moulding the perfect body contours.


Duration of Procedure: 1-1.5 hours
Anaesthesia: General/ Local
Recovery time: 7 days for healing; return to work in 2 weeks
Post-op care: Dressing is placed on the treated site. Compressive dressing or tape may be used. Regular massages may be recommended to accelerate resolution of swelling.
Precautions: Sitting or lying down on the treated site is not allowed for some time. Care should be taken of the donor site and injected area.
Ideal candidate: Healthy individuals desiring a well-contoured body.
Complications: Swelling, infection and general complications associated with surgery.
Result: Permanent enhancement of desired body area.
Fat Injection