Facts not myths! Get to know from the best plastic surgeon in Delhi

September 22, 2020
Best plastic surgeon in Delhi

Though cosmetic surgery is no more a hidden fact, there are still a number of myths take make rounds. If you wish to know the actual facts to beat off the common myths, you should definitely get your next appointment with the Best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi.

Meanwhile, here are also some of the common myths and their facts that might interest you.

Is Plastic Surgery only for Appearance?

One of the most common myths about plastic surgery is that it is only helpful in enhancing your appearance. But the fact is that plastic surgery is also recommended in a number other situations such as for treating a birth defect or restoring hand function. There are a number of times when birth defects require plastic surgery so that the person can breathe properly.

Is Plastic Surgery only for Women?

Plastic surgery is not just for the female gender. Both men and women can go for plastic surgery for a number of things such as laser hair removal, eyelid surgery, cheek implants, nose reshaping, cellulite treatment, and ear surgery. Today plastic surgery for age lift is also done for both men and women.

Can the Effects of Plastic Surgery Last Forever?

Plastic surgery is done often to lift the signs of aging. But this does not mean that the impacts of the surgery will last forever. Often not maintaining a healthy lifestyle or not taking care as per the regime mentioned by the surgeon can lead to wearing off of the effect.

Can Plastic Surgery happen without Scars?

You have to go under the knife for plastic surgery. In such a situation, it is quite an impossible thing that you won’t have any scar. Of course, it can heal out after a period of time without proper medication.

Is Plastic Surgery Unaffordable?

Though plastic surgery may be expensive, it is not unaffordable. Also, the cost of the surgery depends upon the type of surgery that you are going for.

Similar to these myths, there are many more myths related to plastic surgery. Meet up the best surgeon know more about them.