How important is Breast lift surgery? Let the experts speak the truth

January 27, 2022
Breast lift surgery in Delhi

Breast lift surgery in Delhi is a common surgery known by many. Breast surgery is scientifically known as mastopexy. Now you may have a lot of questions and doubts about breast lift surgery. Like how to do breast lift surgery, why to do it, what is the importance of doing breast lift surgery, and many more.

What is mastopexy?

In simple words, breast lift surgery is lifting, reconstructing, and reshaping the breast. The extra fatty tissues and glandular tissues are removed. With the mastopexy surgery, the excessive glandular tissues and fatty tissues are removed from the chest and the areola part. To reduce the volume with proper structural shape. There are many causes for ptotic breast like inadequate parenchyma maldistribution, inelastic facial support, upper pole emptiness. To reshape the ptotic breast, the best method is mastopexy surgery. Not only that sometimes there are some genetic and ethnological factors are there for ptosis breast. Like aging, hormonal effects, weight fluctuations in obesity, tubular breast, etc.,

About the Breast lift surgery in Delhi:

For surgery, you need to contact an experienced doctor. As breast lift surgery is a vital and effective surgery. Breast lift surgery includes breast implant, breast augmentation, augmentation mastopexy. You need proper consultation by a plastic surgery expert before the surgery. The four types of mastopexy are peri areolar, vertical, J or L, and inverted T. The expert will consult you about all the procedures. You need to follow proper guidelines and advice given by your doctor. The doctor removes the excessive fatty tissue from the chest side to make a reshape properly. The main motive to perform mastopexy is the correction of ptosis, reshaping, maintaining nipple-areola, modification of breast size. Some precautions ate need to be taken like before the surgery the patient needs to leave smoking before three months, avoid alcoholic consumption. For further details, you can check about Breast lift surgery in Delhi for more information.