Boost your self-confidence with an effective breast lift surgery in Delhi

December 31, 2021
breast lift surgery cost in Delhi

The most common reason for a woman to choose a breast lift is aging. As we age, the skin starts losing its quality and elasticity due to the deterioration of the essential proteins. Due to this reason, a sudden change in the appearance of breasts is noticed. The breasts start to become saggy as the skin around the area starts to loosen.

Breast lift surgery is the most impactable solution to your problems

Breast lift surgery comes under the department of plastic surgery which holds the purpose of cosmetic and correction procedures. Breast lift surgery enables women to achieve lush outline contours by rectifying the sagginess and ultimately improving the shape and preserving our patient’s youthful and attractive look. This procedure helps the patient to regain back confidence from their youth. This procedure which offers impeccable results is recommended for women who have lost their confidence due to their sagginess issues. Breast lift surgery is most desired among mothers who wish to regain back their pre-pregnancy figures.

The Breast lift procedure

During the mastopexy or commonly called breast lift procedure, the excess skin around the lower part of the breast is removed. The nipple is surgically projected upward. The skin above the nipple is repositioned down and sewn below the nipple. Because of the removal of excess skin, the breast is now firm and correctly positioned. This breast lift surgery rectifies the drooping of the nipples. The scars from the surgery usually fade away over time period. Being an impactful and gold standard procedure, the breast lift surgery cost in Delhi depends on wide factors.

Ideal candidates for the breast lift surgery

This surgery is most recommended for women who don’t have any complex medical history and are looking for a remedy for the issues of drooping breasts. This is a socially sensitive surgery in society, so our patients are advised to be both mentally and physically stable. If the patients have any second thoughts, they are advised to consult a highly experienced specialist in the field. Dr. Vivek Kumar is a highly-acclaimed specialist in the area of plastic surgery and holds expertise in different procedures of breast augmentation. It is a piece of fortunate news for women that the prices of the procedures provided by our clinic deviate from the average breast lift surgery cost in Delhi.