10 things to know before tummy tuck surgery in Delhi

July 29, 2022
Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy tuck surgery known as Abdominoplasty is a major surgery which is performed to reduce excess skin and fat around the abdomen. Tummy tuck surgery in Delhi is a cosmetic surgery process done to tighten loose muscles and improve the shape of the tummy. Under general anaesthesia, the surgeon will cut the hipbone to hipbone and then shape the skin and muscle as needed and then the surgeon will stitch and bandage the incision portion. It is always advised by the surgeon, Dr Vivek Kumar, that the patient should sit or lie down to have the least amount of pain. There are several reasons like significant changes in weight, pregnancy, aging, etc., that the patient opts for tummy tuck surgery in Delhi. With proper care and following the guidelines of the surgeon, a successful Abdominoplasty can be done.

  • 1. Do research and choose a surgeon carefully:

    Before getting tummy tuck surgery, one should research and know about the surgeon very nicely. The education, experience, technology use, reviews, costs, behaviour, etc. should be considered before choosing the best surgeon for tummy tuck surgery in Delhi. One should also keep in mind that the surgeon selected must have a comfortable vibe, so the surgery can be smooth and successful without any other stress. Choosing the best surgeon and surgical centre is the main thing to do by the patient so that there are zero chances of mishappening.

  • 2. The best candidate for Abdominoplasty is a fit candidate:

    The patient should have a proper diet and needs to eat a lot of protein and vitamins and minerals. Being healthy is going to help the patient to heal more quickly and to have fewer problems after tummy tuck surgery in Delhi as well. Essential nutrients are important to be consumed by the patient. This should start a few months before surgery. People who smoke heavily are advised to not get this surgery done because there is a higher risk of skin loss and other complications. Also, alcohol consumption should be reduced as well. A fit candidate will have a successful surgery with minimal complications.

  • 3. Abdominoplasty takes a long time to heal:

    It is going to take almost a year to heal from the tummy tuck surgery in Delhi. However, after 6 to 7 weeks, the patient will be able to get back to most of the tasks. Proper rest and not doing any work as such is being suggested by the surgeon. One should avoid excessive exercise and heavy weightlifting. Surgeons recommend at least 2 weeks of no unnecessary stress on the body.

  • 4. There will be swelling after tummy tuck:

    After tummy tuck surgery, there will be swelling, discomfort and some amount of pain. It generally goes away with time. The patient must be careful and take proper medication as prescribed by the surgeon Dr Vivek Kumar and follow other precautions as well. Swelling, pain and bruises will be there after tummy tuck surgery. The patient will have to wear an abdominal binder to support the abdomen for 6 to 7 weeks after tummy tuck surgery.

  • 5. Have some comfortable clothes:

    After the tummy tuck surgery in Delhi, the patient will have to wear comfortable and loose clothes. As already the patient will be in pain, tight and fitting clothes will give discomfort only. You cannot think of wearing skinny jeans right after getting tummy tuck surgery. The healing process will be longer and unless you are completely recovered, it is advised for the patient to wear comfortable and loose clothes.

  • 6. Have a light meal before tummy tuck surgery:

    Before the surgery, eat a light meal to have no complications. Having a healthy meal will help a lot in recovering from the surgery. Preparing yourself nicely is very much needed before the tummy tuck surgery.

  • 7. Have someone to take care of you:

    There will be little pain and discomfort after the surgery. The healing process will take time. Taking proper care and not doing anything wrong will help to get better very soon. However, although you’ll be able to walk in a few weeks properly, having a caretaker is very much essential. Having someone to care for you is a must after the tummy tuck surgery.

  • 8. Abdominoplasty will leave a permanent scar-

    After tummy tuck surgery in Delhi, there is going to be a scar on the incision line. Though it’ll fade slowly after years, it’s going to take time. The scar will remain visible for years and using medicated creams prescribed by the surgeon will help to reduce the scar within a little less time.

  • 9. Tummy tuck surgery is not so expensive-

    Not only celebrities, but normal people also can prefer tummy tuck surgery and it is not that expensive. To have a proper shape of the abdomen or tummy, Abdominoplasty is being performed. To have an Abdominoplasty, the patients can search about the costs of different clinics with the best surgeons and get it done.

  • 10. The patient should be at an ideal weight-

    Maintaining a balanced figure and having an ideal weight will help to get the best results after the tummy tuck surgery in Delhi. Patients having good shape will also help in having the best recovery. Overweighted patients are always asked to lose a little weight and get into an ideal shape before opting for tummy tuck surgery.

Tummy tuck surgery is a major surgery but with the best surgeon and proper care, it can be a successful one. Every woman responds differently to pain so it’s going to be different in a different body.