Have big breast? Now read everything about breast reduction surgery before going for treatment

October 4, 2021
Male breast reduction in Delhi


In these days, there is a common problem in men, that they develop enlarged and saggy breasts. Young males who are suffering with this problem have to handle and manage huge social embarrassment. Due to this, their confidence lowers and perform low in studies or workplaces or anywhere else. Now this problem has a solution. Now you can get your breasts reduced by undergoing surgery dealing in Male breast reduction in Delhi.

Reason of the problem

This problem has several reasons, and it is not like there can be only one reason. There can be multiple reasons as well. In majority of the cases, this happens due to hormonal imbalances in male.

Some disturbances going on in endocrine system can be responsible for hormonal imbalances. Also using certain drugs, or consuming more steroids, etc. are responsible. At times, lifestyle is also responsible for enlarged breasts. Sitting at one place, no workout, fat accumulation, junk food, drinking sodas and other aerated drinks, etc. contributes to lifestyle issues. It also has been observed that in some cases, inheritance is the reason.

ABCs of Treatment

Before going for Male breast reduction in Delhi, it is advised to consult a good surgeon and take their advice. The doctor examines and measures the breast tissue, and finds out how much and which area of the chest is abnormally enlarged, which area have only tissues, and which area have only fat.

There are two types of surgeries, one is liposuction and another is creating an incision and remove the excess tissue. Your surgeon will tell which surgery is needed for you. If you are undergoing liposuction, surgeon will use long needles and will pull out fats from your breasts, resulting into smaller breasts. However, if you have excess tissue, then surgeon will create an incision below your breast, and will loosen out and cut and remove the excess tissue, again resulting into smaller breast.