Why should you consider mammaplasty?

May 18, 2019
Breast reduction surgery in delhi

Also known as mammaplasty, breast reduction surgery involves removal of extra fat, tissues and skin from breasts. Mammaplasty is done to reduce the breast size in proportion with the body.

But the surgery has many added advantages

  1. Increase in physical activity including sporting activities is the biggest advantage of breast reduction. You will become fit enough to take an active participation in all physical activities.
  2. Freedom from stiffness and pain in neck area, shoulders and upper and lower back. And this relief comes fast.
  3. No more skin irritation under the breast after the successful surgery. Removal of excess fat would put an end to painful skin irritation.
  4. You will achieve a better and improved posture post the surgery. Loss of fat would result in loss of weight from chest and upper back allowing you to attain a good posture.
  5. Better posture would boost your self-confidence.
  6. Mammaplasty would improve your overall health resulting in a healthy and happy life.

When is the right time for mammaplasty?

The most common sign of the need for mammaplasty is to notice the pull made by your bra strips. If you find signs of bra pulls on your shoulders, take it as a red flag for increasing size of your breasts. From here, you should keep an eye on your physical health.

You should see a doctor if you have following conditions

  1. Increased skin irritation under breasts
  2. Difficulty in getting proper sleep
  3. Struggle for fitting into clothes
  4. Finding the right bra size
  5. Decreasing physical activity

Before mammaplasty, your surgeon would study your medical reports and assess the overall health. For example, in the condition where only fat is removed, cutting breasts isn’t important. Here liposuction might work. The surgeon would choose the best process to give you relief from problems associated with large breast size.