Liposuction Surgery in Spotlight for shape conscious and slim body enthusiasts

October 21, 2021
Best liposuction surgeon in India

Liposuction surgery is the procedure performed to slim down or reshape some specific areas of the body. It is done by removing extra deposits of fat and improving body contours.

This surgery can be done on any part of the body where there is excess deposit of fat. Areas like thighs, hips and buttocks, chest area, upper arms, back, cheeks, abdomen and waist, chin and neck, etc. It can remove fat from small areas which are hard to do with exercise or a healthy diet.

Procedure of a Liposuction Surgery in India

  • You will be given a sedative to ensure a pain-free operation.
  • Small cuts are made in the area where it is being operated on.
  • The bleeding is controlled by the surgeon.
  • A thin hollow cannula is inserted through the cuts, the excess fat is made loose in a controlled motion.
  • A surgical vacuum is used to suck out the extra fat collected.
  • Any excess fluid or blood is drained.
  • The area is stitched up and bandaged.

After the surgery

  • You will be under clinical supervision till you recover from the anaesthesia.
  • If the area treated was small, you may go to work but in case of a big Liposuction Surgery, you may have to take a week off from work.
  • You will have to avoid any high motion activities for some weeks.
  • The procedure’s result may show after the swelling is down. It would take six months.
  • The surgeon will remove your stitches after a week.

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