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October 11, 2021
Breast implant surgery cost in Delhi

A common problem solved by uncommon solution

Loose Breasts, a very common problem that is with majority of people. In past, there have been many instances when commercials are shown stating many drugs and medicines to enlarge breasts. However, at the end of the day, majority of people end up with slight or no result at all.

Now you can easily achieve tightened and enlarged Breasts by undergoing Breast implant surgery. This is helps in enlarging and implanting tissues inside your Breasts and helps in enhancing appearance. Also, asymmetric Breasts can be made symmetric by this surgery.

What is the surgery all about?

In this surgery, the tissues and fats are implanted inside breast. Surgeons create an incision at crease present below the breast. Size of incision depends upon the implant size. It ranges from 4-5 cms. Once the pocket is created, the surgeon places the implant, which is again tissues and fats, and aligns the implant behind nipple. The surgery usually takes around 2-3 hours under general anesthesia.

Affordability and reliability of the surgery in Delhi

Considering Breast implant surgery cost in Delhi , it depends on patient to patient. There are many other factors on which the cost depends and that needs to be taken into consideration if you are tight on budget. Few of those are Surgeon Experience. Experienced surgeons will cost you more whereas newbies will cost you less, but that’s vice versa with the result and quality. Add on to this, there will be a fixed charges of operation theatre, anesthesia, medications and other medical aids. Also, post-surgery garments, different types of blood and imaging tests will pull out your pocket more. And all of the above, the type of procedure performed will matter most. Whether the procedure is of creating a pocket and implanting tissues, or it is of inserting fats and lipids with the help of needles and other aids.